Why should you support Alexis?
Alexis needs your financial support for the season 2022!
Until today he was very lucky, his parents could entirely pay his judo competitions, training-camps and equipment. But every year the professionalism of his career increases and becomes more expensive. Because of this reason, the parents of Alexis can't cover the full amount by their own anymore and needs your support. 
With your financial support, you can become a part of his journey and help him to get a step closer to his dream. 
He says "I'm the one athlete that doesn't relays on his talent, I have big ambitions, I continue working when other stop and I never lose sight of my goals."
Advertising medium for your company
In the past years Alexis became one of Switzerlands best judo players in his age-group. With this asset and a lot of international commitment he can represent your company all over.
The area for sponsors on the judo equipment is limited, so you have two possibilities as supporter: 

1. Possibility - Main Supporter
Your company will be represented on his judo equipment and you get mentioned as MAIN SUPPORTER. 
You also get monthly news about his journey.

2. Possibility - Supporter
You are mentioned as SUPPORTER on his website and social media.
You also get monthly news about his journey.

--> If you wish to stay anonymous, this will be respected.

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