My vision next season, is to get some medals at international tournaments and European Cup's. I also want to re-claim the Swiss Champion Title, but this time in the seniors competition.
In a time-line of four years he wants to become member of the Grand Slam Team and start qualifying for the Olympic Games 2028 in Los Angeles.
He wants to become an olympic medalist!

I was born the 19th September 2002, in Lucerne, Switzerland. While discovering sports already at a very young age, due to my overload of energy. I tried multiple Sports, as golf, tennis, skiing, swimming. However, I began to show a preference for judo. At the age of 5, my parents enrolled me in a judo club... the age of 6, I was officially registered for the discipline, at the Judo Club Biel/Bienne - Nidau. My choice was partially guided by my performance and the pleasure I had about fighting...
...after three years of practice I joined the Talent Squad in Bern and trained there for 5 years. At the age of 13, my first selection with the national team appeared in my mail-box.  From that day on I became part of the Swiss team...
... two years later I decided to start with performance sport and joined the Regional Performance Center of Bern. There i developed my Judo while being selected for multiple competitions with the cadets and juniors national team... summer 2022 I finally decided to join the Seniors National Performance Center in Brugg.
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