My vision this season, is to get some medals at international tournaments and European Cup's. I also want to claim the Swiss Champion Title, as last year i couldn't compete due to an injury.
In a time-line of four years I want to become member of the Grand Slam Team and qualify for the Olympic Games 2028 in Los Angeles.
I want to become an olympic medalist!​​​​​​​
I was born the 19th September 2002, in Lucerne, Switzerland. While discovering sports already at a very young age, due to my overload of energy. I tried multiple Sports, as golf, tennis, skiing, swimming. However, I began to show a preference for judo. At the age of 5, my parents enrolled me in a judo club... the age of 6, I was officially registered for the discipline, at the Judo Club Biel/Bienne - Nidau. My choice was partially guided by my performance and the pleasure I had about fighting...

...after three years of practice I joined the Talent Squad in Bern and trained there for 5 years. At the age of 13, my first selection with the national team appeared in my mail-box.  From that day on I became part of the Swiss team...

... two years later I decided to start with performance sport and joined the Regional Performance Center of Bern. There i developed my Judo while being selected for multiple competitions with the cadets and juniors national team... summer 2022 I finally decided to join the Seniors National Performance Center in Brugg.